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How To Do a Good Job in Scale Sheep Farm

          Lamb high nutritional value, in line with the direction of the world's low-fat high-protein food structure towards development; sheep are grazing livestock grain-saving and efficient, in line with national conditions and people development; mountain sheep breeding meat with less investment and quick, not only effectively Native Grassland resource exploitation, but also to take advantage of high-quality forage slack, the planting of farmland. Traditional mountain grazing sheep rearing is mainly due to overgrazing in some places, so that the destruction of the ecological balance. Currently, feeding sheep sheep farmers has become one of the main feeding mode selected.
        1 sheep farm buildings and major facilities
          1.1 raise house site selection and architectural sheep farm sheep, goats need based on the number and size as well as the existing financial situation, development of mechanization to make plans. At the same time, we should take full account of local conditions, reduce production costs. Yang it should be built in higher ground, good drainage, ventilation and dry, sunny and light, watered place.
          1.2 Building construction type sheep sheep generally 4 to 6 m wide, high 2 to 3 meters in length depending on the number of sheep and decide, sheep next to each area in order to calculate the sheep from 1.2 to 1.5 m2, homes built playgrounds, Planting shade trees around. Floor with wood, bamboo or wooden nail into fine pitch 1 to 1.5 cm of the bed, so that feces and urine fall to the ground. Sheep off the bed can be divided into columns, it can also be made movable board.
          1.3 Requirements and Design discounted discounted using movable wooden fence separated into ram circle, circle ewes, lambs circle, fattening sheep circle, circle frame equipped with grass, feeding trough and drinking water facilities. Chenet grass frame wall set with wood, grass stand about one meter high, 15 cm wide intervals feed slot. Available cement or wooden trough system grow groove, generally on a wide 25 cm wide and 22 cm at depth of 10 to 15 cm, curved bottom, best to stay out of a water hole. Drinking water equipment set up along the wall, the choice of automatic drinkers, every 3 m install one, can also be mounted sink or basin.
          1.4 baths drug should be built near the pens drug bath, medicine bath into a narrow pool, no less than one meter deep, the bottom width of 30 to 60 centimeters wide and 60 to 80 cm catchy; inlet end was sloping, easy to sheep into the pool; the outlet end has stepped certain degree slope, so the sheep back into the pool of liquid.
      2 Caution When Introduced
          2.1 lead sheep ready to go before the lead sheep before departure, to be analyzed according to local agricultural production, forage, location and other factors, targeted to study several varieties of sheep and adaptability to local characteristics, and to determine the introduction What breed, goats or sheep. Such as the south of the Yellow River, suitable for goat rearing, in the cold north are more suitable for raising sheep, mountain goat hilly areas are more suitable for feeding. According to their financial resources, reasonably determine the number of lead sheep, do not only buy sheep, sheep and rich. Before You Go buy sheep to the ample supply of fodder, repair sheep, equipped with the necessary facilities.
          2.2 Selecting the lead time lead sheep sheep most suitable season for spring and autumn, because autumn temperature is not high not low, the weather is not cold nor hot. Very sensitive to the introduction in the summer, from June to September the weather is hot, rainy and large are not conducive to long-distance transport. If you lead the sheep short distance, no more than a day, do not consider the lead sheep season. For cited local varieties of sheep, sheep, and are concentrated in the hands of farmers, so try to avoid the summer harvest and Sanqiu busy season, when most farmers attend to sell sheep, narrow choices, it is difficult to lead a good sheep.
          2.3 Optional sheep sheep selection is a key part of the smooth development of the sheep, if farmers go to stud farm to lead the sheep, we must first understand whether the sheep farm has "kind of livestock and poultry production license issued by the livestock sector "" stud certificate "and" ears pedigree registration number ", the three are complete. If the main origin of households acquisitions, should take the initiative to contact the local livestock sector, the livestock sector may be entrusted to handle, so they put good quality. When selected, it depends on whether the physical characteristics of the breed characteristics, ram, select 1 to 2 years, hand touch the testicles flexible; hand touch multi suffering pain orchitis, gilt in the upper but not too fat too thin. More choice about the age of ewes, sheep, and most are in the breeding period, ewes to be strong, the nipple of the uniform, depending on population size determines the number of ram, generally required ratio 1:15 to 20, the smaller the group, may be increased Number of ram, to prevent inbreeding.
       3 Make sure the critical mass of sheep success
          3.1 reduce feeding costs sheep are herbivores, compared with swine and poultry animal food, slow growth, low productivity, thus reducing the cost of keeping a critical mass of sheep farm business success. In quality peanut vine, sweet potato vine, bean seedlings price of 0.15 yuan / kg or more places, sheep grass or silage must be technology ensures lower cost forage. Such as planting high-quality forage, a better solution may be insufficient sheep farming areas and high-quality straw straw prices limit the size of sheep development problems. In addition Microbial, ammoniated, alkalized and other advanced technology straw, but also improve the utilization of low-quality straw, reduce feed costs of key technologies. For example, fermentation straw powder and bran, and then add some corn grits feeding, there is no need plus soybean feed, which is more effective to reduce feed costs are significant.
          3.2 Selecting varieties should be chosen male individual large, fast growing, broad recipes, good meat performance and meat quality, slaughter rate, adaptable species. Used in the production Saanen do the first male and the male goats for a second.
          3.3 determine the hybridization pattern have crossbred goat hybrid, crossbred and grading crossing three ways. If large-scale breeding farms or goat rearing is a local, can introduce Saanen goat or ram were crossbred Boer, hybrid ram all fattening, fattening hybrid ewes may also be reserved for breeding and then with the Boer Goat. Among them, the hybridization of the binary Sa ewes and rams called crossbred Boer, all the fattening hybrids; hybrid wave this duality ewes and rams Boer called progressive crossbred, Posa this Boer crossbred ewes and rams again become progressive crossbred hybrids. From hybrid effect, crossbred than crossbred, progressive and superior crossbred crossbred.
          3.4 Adjusting lambing season, improve the survival rate of some of lamb and mutton production in the United States and other countries, attaches great importance to the breeding season and production, its experience is intensive lambing in March, July to November listing. Of Hebei, Guizhou and other provinces in this respect did some research, summed up some useful experience. According to China's specific conditions, can be used in heat propagation techniques over the same period, the breeding season is adjusted to 9 to 10 months, from February to March, the second concentrate lambing, can effectively reduce lamb mortality.
           3.5 timely immunization deworming sheep inside and outside to be cleaned regularly, and regularly disinfected with bleach, 100 poisoned and so on. Spring and autumn respectively pest D, L-amidine yl, trichlorfon HELMINTHIC to conduct in vivo deworming sheep, and the choice of 3 or 5 combined vaccine combined vaccine according to the local epidemic situation flock, sheep pox FMD inactivated vaccine and infectious pleural pneumonia vaccines regularly or irregularly vaccination.
          3.6 grasp moderate scale breeding goat meat with a moderate scale farmers depends on investment capacity, market prices, forage area, feeding and management conditions and the ratio of male and female, and many other factors. Practice shows that can be complicated breeding ewes minimum size not less than 20, moderate size should be 40 to 50. For professional specializing in large-scale farming fattening of control at 100 to 150 is appropriate.
          3.7 Due reasonable cluster feeding sheep, pregnant ewes and lambs production for different purposes, the quality of forage and feeding and management conditions have different requirements, polyculture easily lead to nutritional deficiencies lamb, so fattening extended, thus increasing feed costs; Ram with indiscriminate promiscuity, affect their efficiency, and even lead to an overall degradation of the flock. Therefore, farmers should be based on the purpose of production, requirements and reasonable age structure of the cluster feeding the flock.
          3.8 Construction of high slatted bed sheepfold sheepfold having a dry, ventilated, easy to remove feces, etc., can greatly reduce the incidence of the disease in sheep. Slatted floor height from the ground 30 to 50 cm, the sheet can be used wood and bamboo tablets, the distance between them is 3 centimeters. Winter should be placed on the slatted floor wooden bed for sheep sheep lying. While tuning point goat fecal excretion, keeping sheep bed clean and dry.
          3.9 lamb fattening fattening goal to make daily gain and feed efficiency. In ensuring adequate green fodder or hay premise, feeding minerals and concentrate. Farmers can buy goat lick quality of Mines, which was hanging in the circle for sheep free lick. Concentrate choice of corn, soybean meal and other raw materials on their own preparation. The formula is: 55% of corn, 25% wheat bran, rice bran 4% rapeseed and soybean 8% 8%.
          3.10 suitable weight for slaughter in accordance with important mountain sheep daily gain, feed efficiency, slaughtering rate and other production performance and market demands to integrate the appropriate body determined that slaughter. Slaughter weight is too low, the growth potential of mountain sheep has not been fully realized, meat production is also low; slaughter weight is too high, although the amount of meat production increased, but decreased feed efficiency. The peak of the growth of hybrid sheep than local sheep delay its appropriate slaughter weight should be greater than the local sheep.

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