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Cattle Seven Mistakes

Some cattle farmers than to cattle as an important project to get rich, but as a sideline, reluctant to sell my heart is heavy, for door customers buy or not to sell, or wild speculations, refused to customers in the door. In business we need to change this practice, sell at reasonable prices.
Weak capacity to withstand market volatility
When the market price volatility of cattle, cattle farmers showed more unstable state of mind. Cattle prices rise, the price to be reluctant to sell, even the higher the price of cattle did not sell; when cattle prices fell, fear kept falling, the price of cattle more cheap sell cattle. Because Guimai cheap, economic losses per cow ranging from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars. Half-price volatility but also directly affect cattle to cattle improvement initiative. Cattle prices more expensive, more willing to engage in improved cattle are reluctant to engage in worthless improvement. Faced with changes in the market, cattle ranchers should keep a good attitude, and enhance the ability to respond to market changes. When market volatility, timely adjustment of marketing strategy, to reduce the risk to a minimum.
Hybrid breeding bulls
Individual cattle farmers lack of scientific knowledge, easy money graph, use hybrid breeding sires. Although hybrid bull body height force, but genetic instability, can easily cause inbreeding, offspring degradation, low economic efficiency.
Contempt foster calves
Calves born after feeding inadequate, especially in the first, two winter feeding of little fed or not fed after birth, growth and development affected the results of improved cattle, slaughter of more than 3 to 5 years of age or more Night, economic efficiency is not high. Under normal circumstances, we should cultivate grabbed the calf, in particular, to improve the first two winter feeding of feeding, so that in 18 to 24 months when the slaughter weight of about 300 kg.
No deworming cattle
Cattle infected with various parasites, can drop 33% daily gain, feed conversion rate decreased by 30%, it will cause serious harm cattle parasite death.
Do not feed additive
Mostly fattening cattle distiller's grain, concentrate, straw-based, except feeding salt, other additives is seldom used, the impact of fattening effect, adding urea shortage of protein feed is an effective way to solve. In addition, a variety of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other additives can be selected applications.
Extensive management
Rural cattle pens most humble, Sherwin low number fattening barn, waste clean-up is not timely, discounted moist, not brushed cattle, not the sun. First, do a good job cattle barn construction, according to local conditions to build cool barn, winter insulation to do so Sherwin remain above 5 ℃. Regular daily removal of manure, noon ventilation, brushed cattle, cattle timing led to homes outside the sun, enhance physical fitness, help increase fat.

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