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Farrowing Crate for Pigs

A.Product Details:

Product Name  Farrowing Crate for Pigs 
Brand Name Bigrancher
Place of Origin Shandong China(mainland)
Model Number GTR-FC1
Usage  Pig
Process technology Overall hot-dip galvanized
Fence material PVC board
Size 2.4m*1.8m
Height of PVC board 500mm or 600mm
Thickness 30mm or 35 mm
Material of Sow Fence 32x2.5mm steel tube
Piglets Feeding trough Plastic/SS304 
Sow Feeding trough Cast iron /Plastic/SS 304
B.Product  Description

     Farrowing crate is based on the design of modern pig farms.
     It provides safe and comfortable environment for the sows to childbirth and breeding.
     It is very significant to improve the survival rate of piglets.

C.Product Performance:


    1.Overall hot-dip galvanized,anticorrosion,no rust; As we do overall hot galvanized processing after welding,thus make the pipe more strong and durable;

    2. Sow position is nodular cast iron floor with smooth surface;bearing capacity is 500Kg;reasonable aperture improves the leak dung effect;

    3.Comfortable feeling and thickened plastic slat floor,keep piglets growing safe and better;

   4.Good PVC fence around,smooth and easy to clean,together with strong stents,beams and legs;

   5.Adjustable sow position which set comfortable sapce for both of sow and piglets ;

   6.Equipped with stainless steel pig feed trough(cast iron&plastic&Stainless steel),no feed spill out,no waste and the material is antirust,anticorrosion,keep feed hygeian,also easy to clean.


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