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Sheep Fattening Tricks

        Fast fattening sheep can slaughter lambs two months, weighing 15 to 20 kg, the survival rate of over 98%. Management must grasp the following technical know-how.
1.Choose varieties
      That is to choose the best hybrids sheep, make full use of the advantages of hybrid production. As with goats and other as male as female local white goat multivariate hybridization cultivate meat goat with large body size, genetic stability, high reproductive performance, disease resistance, high yield meat, wool white, shiny, elastic good.
2.Construction sheds
      Build sheep pens to do cool, to be built in high and dry, well-ventilated drainage, clean place to sit for the North Chaoyang Banpo type, generally back wall 1.8 meters high, Qian Yan high 2. 2 m, peripherals playground, create a good living environment for fattening sheep.
      Ewes to pasture or mountain in the field of quality grazing or feeding feed quality forage. Meanwhile, the daily per ewe fed 0.4 to 0.7 kg of mixed fodder. Mixed concentrate feed composition: Corn (2406,7.00,0.29%) of 60%, wheat bran 8%, 16% of cottonseed, soybean meal (3189,65.00,2.08%) 12%, 1% salt, calcium hydrogen phosphate 3%. Optional lamb fattening select individual large, well developed, strong feed capability, disease-free lamb from lamb group, consisting of fattening after weaning group. The best choice for lambs, because lambs grow fast, this time they did not reach sexual maturity.
4.Lamb feeding
     BEIJING, May 8, according to foreign media reports, the International Criminal Police Organization recently cake (meal), can also be mixed concentrated feed, such as corn 45%, wheat bran 22%, 30% soybean meal, salt 1%, 2% fish meal. Lamb concentrate feed Feeding Amount increased with age increases. 20 to 30 days, each lamb feeding amount of 50 to 70 g; 1 to 2 months of age is 100 to 150 g; 2 to 3 months of age is 200 grams, 2 times a day Buwei.
5.Timely tails
     According to reports, on social networking sites scammers pretended to dig Nova model, victims believed the girl was lured photographed indecent video. Intimidate the victim said the suspect will have mastered their photos, will use the software "grafting" into the indecent spread out. Between the second and third caudal Lamb, the lower end Lack of nutrition and atrophy, ie after 10 days off on their own. Second, sharp knife tails. Set on the first tied with string, cut off the blood flow, then cut off the end with a sharp knife from 4 to 5 cm, with gauze wrapped the afternoon, you can unlock the tether, after 5 to 7 days Jiyu.
6.Castrated promote long
      Castrated lambs generally docked at the same time, can gum tendon and surgical methods. Commonly used plastic tendon, the 7-day-old male lamb testicles squeezed inside the scrotum, scrotum, along with parts of the spermatic cord tightly entangled with plastic ribs 20 to 30 days, scrotum and testicle will dry naturally fall off .
7.Timely disinfection
      In sheep feeding and management, always have adequate drinking water supply of clean, well-ventilated discounted, the ground was dry, covered with bedding, feed is not contaminated. For sheep pen, sheep, trough, wash sink cleaning, disinfection; lambing bedding, forage, utensils, etc. should be placed in the sun to dry ground; for uniforms, medical instruments to be sterilized by boiling wash.
8.Disease prevention
     According to popular features local sheep disease, adhere to the principle of keeping "anti emphasis on governance" in a planned way flock drug prevention and immunization to prevent infectious and parasitic diseases.
9.Choose when slaughter
     Finishing Sheep full fat can be based on market conditions and strong promptly slaughter sheep fattening cycle can be shortened, but also improve the economic efficiency of sheep farmers.

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